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4522 Fredericksburg Road, Suite B36 San Antonio, TX, 78201


Omar Davila  

Open on Sunday when not many eye vision locations are open on that day. I have worn contacts before but Dr Cuba helped me find the right contacts that fit me perfect. He even gave me three different kind of trials of contacts to make sure that I was happy with my contacts. I really like the way he took care of me and would recommend him to anyone

Kenny Harvey  

I always dread having to go to the optometrist, but my appointment with Dr. Cuba was perhaps one of the more enjoyable visits I’ve had. He is attentive to people’s needs and doesn’t keep you waiting for long periods of time as other optometrists. I highly recommend getting your eye examinations through Dr. Cuba.

Geraldine Molina  

I will never go anywhere else again. The staff is so extremely patient and very helpful. Dr. Cuba is very caring and amazingly attentive. Plus, they take my insurance, so the overall cost was minimal compared to other places.

Ashley Hernandez 

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in third grade. This was the easiest fastest eye visit in my life. I opted for contacts for the first time and got the prescription for contacts and glasses (just in case). Very helpful staff, used my insurance and paid very, very little. Will be coming back for sure. Go in, give it a chance you won’t regret it

Mellissa Gonzales 

Great staff and quick. Best thorough eye exam. Very pleased with the selection and pricing. I will be referring my friends and family.