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Vision Exams

Eye Exams From an Experienced Eye Doctor in San Antonio

Not everyone puts going to the eye doctor on the top of their “to do” list, especially if their eyes feel fine and they aren’t having trouble with their vision. Many people don’t even have a clear idea of where to go if they do want to see an eye doctor. One option is to make an appointment at Mi Vision in San Antonio.

Mi Vision Eye Care in San Antonio, TX is headed by optometrist Dr. Pedro Cuba who has extensive experience as an optometrist for men, women and children in the San Antonio area as well as throughout many South American countries where he has volunteered his services as an eye doctor to help make sure that glasses and important eye health and vision screenings have been affordable to those who need them.

Whether your first language is English or Spanish, Dr. Cuba’s complete grasp of both languages will assure that your exam is complete, and you will be able to understand your own role in keeping your eyes healthy and getting the most out of your vision.

Doctor welcomes walk ins from 10am to 6pm without insurance and we are open everyday including Sunday.

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

While some believe that the primary purpose of an eye exam is to identify their eye glasses or contact lens exam is just determine their prescription, in reality a thorough and comprehensive eye exam like the ones conducted at Mi Vision accomplishes much more than that. How often you need an eye exam depends on your risk factors. For most people, the American Optometric Association recommends that exams be conducted once or twice a year. In addition to checking actual vision on an eye chart, Dr. Cuba will

  • Review your general health by asking questions, at times about general health issues combined with vision and eye health concerns can reveal possible serious conditions.
  • Look at risk factors for eye diseases and conditions
  • Looks for early signs of conditions such as glaucoma which requires pupil dilation, cataracts or macular degeneration and helps you take steps to limit any damage.
  • Check color vision and responsiveness to light as well as peripheral vision
  • If desired, Dr. Cuba can evaluate your vision issues to help determine if you are a potential candidate for LASIK or other vision correction surgery. If you are, he’ll stay involved with any pre-op or post-op care you may need.

Making Eye Care Affordable

One obstacle in getting regular eye exams for many people is the expense. With Dr. Cuba’s extensive charitable work as an optometrist for underprivileged areas, he understands this obstacle all too well, It is partly because of this that he strives to keep costs reasonable for patients and offers various specials to take the sting off potential costs.

Currently, the specials at Mi Vision include

  • Single vision eye glasses, including a comprehensive exam starting at $99.20
  • Bifocal eye glasses, including a comprehensive exam for $129.20
  • Color contacts exam including prescription for glasses, up to 3 follow up visits, within the month, and a pair of color contacts and solution for $99.
    • *Extra fees apply if you need toric/multifocal/monovision lenses.
  • If glasses or contacts are NOT needed, you can still benefit from Mi Vision’s special that allows patients to receive 20% off an exam that is booked online, with Medical history fully filled out prior to appointment.

Your vision and eye health are too important to skimp on, and it is important to see the eye doctor on a regular basis. Mi Vision accepts a wide variety of vision insurance plans, and for services that aren’t covered by your insurance, we accept cash for co-payments or services not covered. Vision care is also eligible for health care expense accounts, flexible spending accounts, or CareCredit, which offers lower interest options for health related services than traditional credit cards.

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Not needed means plano/emmetrope no prescription given